April 08, 2014


In the meantime my outfits still vary from boho to grunge to kitsch, and this was a boho kind of day, and I went to dinner wearing this. 
I never had much interest in beauty, but since a couple of weeks I have developed a new born interest in make-up [although I wear make-up every day, I don't know much about it, but the nerd I am is willing to learn more] - I definitely need to ask my cousin to help me out, she is really into make-up and knows a lot about it and is actually good at putting it on. I started off with buying a new foundation that perfectly matches my skin [I walked into the Sephora like "I have no clue what I'm doing please help me I'm desperate" and they put all these different foundations on my skin and I really couldn't tell any difference "please decide for me I'm the noob here" and finally I bought one, and a new red lipstick, because red lipstick is my strange addiction, you might as well spot me on the extreme addiction show one day] 

I also discovered these "top rings" that I'm totally in love with. 
Also I love temporary tattoos. The peace sign is just black pen. Temporary tattoos are as addictive as real ones, though I would not really go for a real one, since I like the idea of being able to wash it of when you don't like it anymore. 

A sister picture! My sister and mother visited me in Texas last week. It was great to be able to take pictures together again! I love her! Visit her blog too: www.stylebyveronique.com 

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'ello San Francisco

My outfit on my very last day in California (SF) looked like this. I also parted my hair in a rare sort of way. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco since that's the city of FULL HOUSE though I did not get to see the full house house (Haha) it's only another reason to go back! 

It was wonderful! But how amazing is it to come home in Texas and the weather is as good if not better than the place you just left? As a real Dutchie I was not used to that - I'm afraid that the Dutch weather will scare me away again (the weather has an incredible influence on my mood) - though it's my Dutch blood that makes it acceptable for me to talk about the weather always and everywhere, including a blog post... 

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April 06, 2014

Cali outfits #2 #3 #4

Some pics with some of my favorite people in the world

Although I've been back from California for 2 weeks now, I still think about it every day. Oh how I miss it! especially the friends I've made! I still talk to them a lot - we tell each other a lot too, because, as many of you won't understand, people at home just don't understand the issues exchange students deal with, and also they have no time to deal with our worries as well. While us exchange students are all in the same situation, and as we are all "alone" in a foreign country (not literally alone but kind of alone in a only-foreign-person way of meaning), we like to talk to each other about some kind of stuff rather than talking to our friends back home. Moreover no time difference might help a little.
It's crazy how me and my Cali-friends have already so many memories and inside jokes together - I can't wait for them to come visit me over the summer! 

#selfies and Starbucks were two key words during the week. 
Outfit day #2
Hollywood, 2014
Outfit day #3
I wore the 3rd outfit in San Francisco. By this time people starting asking me if I had also "normal shirts", on which I firmly answered: "I'm only enjoying my time without a dress code here! I can't wear any of this to school, can I?" So, my outfits were a great success! Actually this outfit #3 was bought in LA and I decided to wear it the very next day just because. 


So, I'm looking back on a wonderful week in California. I want to go back so bad! I'm actually asking myself the question if I shouldn't go to college there. It's either going to be Amsterdam, London (or close by) or Los Angeles. Never before making a choice has been so difficult to me! I'm always really good at making choices (not that I always make the right choice - I mean I always know pretty good what I want) but this time every single choice has so many pros and cons, that there is not really one that is by far the best option! How I hate this! Still, I'm much less focused on the future than I used to be. Which means I enjoy my life here & now much more! 


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