September 26, 2013


Since I am not forced to acquire more knowledge, I desire knowledge more than ever. I never realized how greedy I took all the knowledge to me in the past, but now new knowledge is not a matter of course anymore, I see myself craving to every little piece of insight. 
Of course I learn new things here - even in school there are a few - it just does not tickle my brains. The good thing about learning old stuff in a very slow pace, is that I have more time to admire all beauty, and to appreciate things more than when I studied them because I had to (Note: my high school year in the united states does not count as an European school year, since the level here is much lower than my educational level. This is why I see this year as a long lasting vacation, and naturally, a great experience). 
I can hardly describe how mentally (not physically) free I feel here! I have no stress at all, and that sets my mind so free. I have more ideas than ever (Can you imagine? My mind almost explodes sometimes!) I see beauty everywhere. For example: cytology never fascinated me very much. Now I find inspiration in strange territories. Cells, yes. Human body cells, through a microscope. The pictures I took in anatomy class:

All pictures taken by me.


  1. Leuke post weer en toffe broek! Welk jaar high school doe je nu?

  2. Wauw coole broek! Wil ik ook. En mooie foto's, waarom doen wij nooit zoiets leuks in de les

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  4. Leuke outfit! De sjaal is erg mooi, je broek is tof!
    Wat een mooie ogen heb je!

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  6. loving your photography skills! Since I'm not in school anymore, I really wish I was learning new things consistently and its so hard to get into the mindset to study independently.. anyways, thank you for stopping by my blog. I really like yours so I'm following!

  7. Toffe foto's, you are looking great! X Anne

  8. Super mooie fotos! Gave blog heb je

    xx Mounia

  9. Cellen zijn inderdaad altijd erg mooi om te zien! Helaas worden er bij ons op school vaak geen kleurstoffen aan toegevoegd, die van jou zien er geweldig uit!

  10. Amazing!!

    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!


  11. Mooie broek!!

    Ik organiseer samen met CoolCat een leuke giveaway! Je kan namelijk 2x2 VIP kaarten winnen voor Release the Beast party. Het lijkt mij leuk als je meedoet :)