October 08, 2013

señorita sombrero

Since I live in Texas, I looooooove Spanish and Mexican food. So I bought a sombrero at the high school's Homecoming carnival for a few dollars. 
You might notice that I'm in my boho phase. I love fashion inspired by exotic things and things from other cultures. Since we went to Morocco this summer I fell in love with traveling and I can not wait to see more of this planet and it's various nature and culture. I am so lucky that I can experience the American, Texan, culture at close quarters! 
At the mall I shopped almost everything what I'm wearing in the following pictures. I'm this kind of dumb person who never wears scarves, but gets into them when she lives in Texas. I don't complain: I love the sun! 

PS. Had my very first pedicure. See picture of my feet.


  1. Super leuke foto's! Je pedicure is erg mooi geworden :)

  2. Mooie foto's, vooral die sjaal met het soort aztecprintje vind ik tof!

  3. Leuke outfit en prachtige slippers:)

  4. Lijkt me heerlijk om zo lekker verzorgt te worden :)


  5. Super leuke fotos!
    xx Mounia