October 03, 2013


I have never been a real child. I was, and I still am, always so focused on the future - sometimes I almost forget to live for the moment! As a child, I always raced through every stage of life - I was always ahead of other children of my age, but I was treated the same, and that frustrated me. Although I did not really have a regular childhood, it was a good time. My best, most brilliant ideas, popped up into my mind in those days. "ROCKSLITA" is a word I made up when I was only 10 years old. I took Rosalie, saw the nickname Rosalita somwhere, and just changed it into Rockslita. That's basically it. Now I like to tell people it is a combination of rock 'n roll and Lolita. It's not true, people. I also came up with this brilliant idea for a book when I was around the age of 8 - I am not gonna tell you the idea, I might gonna write the book seriously sometime. I was 6 years old when I came up with this entire not-excisting world, with imaginary characters, places and magic spells. My friends and I used to play in that imaginary world for hours and hours - and I still don't understand how I could think of that stuff at that age. 

Although it was a good time, I would never ever want to go back. Freedom is the most important value to me - it is what I tell people when they ask me what religion I have. I have always desired to be free and independent - and now I'm almost there. I went to the United States all by myself, to live here in an entire new environment, with a new family and a new school - it makes me feel so mature! America is a land where teenagers of my age don't have much freedom, since this country is much more dangerous than we are used to in Europe. Physically, I'm stucked, but mentally, I'm more free than ever. I told you about the low level at the high schools here. Now I don't have stress for school anymore, I have more time to spend on thinking about things I really like. I experience how much more ideas pop up in my mind now it isn't full of unimportant school material. I have fashion design and drawing classes in school, and I realize how much I enjoy developing new skills that they don't teach us in European schools. I have the time and peace to develop my ideas and plans, and, as far as possible, to actually do it. Blogging is so much more fun now there is no rush in my life.

I'm so glad that I am so close to maturity. Not that it will change a lot in me, but I am quite sure a lot of conservative adult will treat me different, more equal. In my opinion, age does not matter - intelligence (and behavior) does.

Here's some inspiration I found in the game room. it may help you think as a child, and I hope good ideas will pop up into your mind.


  1. Wat een toffe foto's! :)

  2. great post & blog :))
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  3. Wat een geweldige post :) Ik vroeger ook zo'n 'droomwereldje'. Nou ja, eigenlijk nog steeds, maar dan zonder elfjes haha xo

  4. Ik ben een beetje over je blog aan het scrollen en jeetje, ik herken me wel behoorlijk in wat je schrijft haha. Ik was vroeger ook behoorlijk in mijn droomwereld en ik was ook altijd zo gericht op de toekomst en hoe ik het later allemaal voor me zag. Ik vind het heel tof dat je naar Amerika bent gegaan voor deze nieuwe ervaring. Ik ben zelf van plan om de komende maanden naar Spanje te gaan om daar naar school te gaan en de taal en cultuur te leren, ook doodeng, maar ik heb er wel heel veel zin in