November 22, 2013

2nd love

Last wednesday my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, but I did not tell him that I had found a 2nd love. It was just there in this old ladies store that I visited with my host grandma. There is only one shopping rule I really have: "Only buy something when you have got that feeling that you are going to die if you don't buy it" These babies gave me that feeling - so badly. This rule causes actually a lot of trouble, since I hardly buy anything anymore, unless it is perrrrfect. These sparkling shoes are perfection - and deserve a special place on the web. 



  1. THEY ARE PERFECT. Ik snap je gevoel, echt héél erg.

  2. Wat zijn ze leuuuuk!! :)

  3. Wow ze zijn echt heel erg gaaf! Al die kleurtjes zijn echt prachtig.