November 30, 2013

in the neighborhood

Dear readers,

If I have to define myself in 1 word, I would say I am a 'writer', because that is what I have always been and what I will always be - I have never been a very good talker; I can chitchat a little bit, but the way I talk is not even close to the way I can write! I always felt like that was a bad thing, but now I am reading the biography of Jane Austen, I feel much more confident about that. "The best writers are often bad speakers" is what it taught me. 

Being an exchange student for three months now has already taught me a lot about life. It sounds very unclear to most of ya'll, but I think this is something you can only understand if you have experienced it. I am an extreme daydreamer and I like philosophical thoughts - and now I think I can actually understand why people say life's hard and life's unfair. I always thought that was bullshit - that those people made their own life hard for no logical reason. I also wonder how people can possibly believe in a world like this. I am very glad I have been raised by two psychologists so I have this analytic view on things. My dad is also a philosopher. Now I am "on my own" here, I can actually take advantage of my raising - something I never really appreciated as I do now. All my new experiences and thoughts are excellent writing material, but I don't really find the time here to write. 

My blog (this one) feels rather awkward to me now. I am also an esthetic person and I appreciate things I perceive with my eyes. This blog is a [fashion] inspiration blog and I do not really know what to write about that, because I believe you can only understand what I try to say by seeing stuff. Sometimes I cannot help sharing some of my thoughts on certain subjects - but it all sounds rather stupid; you must understand that it is quite hard to express thoughts in a language other than your own.

Here are some pictures my Swedish exchange student friend took of me. She knows how to handle that damned photocamera, which I don't.

I really wish I could blog more - it would be a lot easier if I wasn't such a perfectionist. God, I hate knees! I must admit I actually hate every single part of the body, but together they all seem to work out pretty well, except for those distracting knees, which are so not in harmony with the rest of the human body!


  1. Heerlijk dat het daar nu nog zo'n stralend zonnetje is! Interessante post trouwens. (:

  2. honey you are so young! ..why worry about knees! least you've got legs..go out and see where they take you... don't hate your body, honestly I think you are gorgeous...and even if it sounds like a cliché...later on, you'll realize what truly matters is what's inside..believe'll eventually care for the boys that don't exactly overwhelm you with compliments about your looks but about your thoughts... the ones that notice your brains are the ones that are really looking with opened eyes...look closely... Anyway...I'm also more of a writer and illustrator than a talker...I tend to be quiet and shy and a sort of hermit with people, but when it comes to writing I just scribble's easier... you do your thing here on your's yours, your about whatever you want...and enjoy that foreign exchange teaches you a me, personally...I think I've learn the most about life from my travels...enjoy!

  3. Je schrijft zo mooi! Je hoeft echt niet vaker te posten, ik heb liever eens in de zoveel tijd een hele goede post, zoals deze, ipv iedere week een mindere:) Zo gaaf dat je op uitwisseling bent geweest! je zusje vertelde erover op een bloggermeeting; echt heel gaaf!

  4. Helemaal met het bovenstaande eens. Je schrijft zo mooi, en zo gaaf dat je dit doet. Maak je geen zorgen over je knieën of wat dan ook. Je bent een hele mooie meid! :)

  5. Je schrijft zo mooi en zo fijn! Echt heel leuk om te lezen :)

  6. Lovely! Such nice shoes and dress, and I love the socks! xx