March 13, 2014

mardi gras style

Hello! Here are some pics inspired by mardi gras yellow green purple! for my birthday party I went to mardi gras in Galveston and it was definitely one of the most fun nights here in America so far!
I love how in Texas the weather is like always photoshoot proof (I remember not being able to do shoots for like 3 months straight because of the terrible weather - and on the days we did our limbs were freezing off). These pictures were taken by one of my fav photographers, my american cousin! 

The real deal: pictures from the night itself (can be found on my instagram @rockslita)

American friends 

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Love your outfit :)

  2. Coole pics!! Als je terugbent maken wij foto's

  3. Wat een leuke foto's! Prachtig haar heb je!