April 24, 2014

holographic vibes

These pictures were taken by my sister at Galveston beach, Texas. I had missed my photoshoot buddy! My mom and sister came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. Of course I took them to Galveston, that place has my heart! The beach, the sun, the vintage shops, the in American terms "historical" houses - I love the whole atmosphere! 

I was wearing my new hologram-ish top and matching necklace. I don't often dress up kitsch-kitsch, but I do like it (just not always on myself). Behind-the-scenes secret: my nose started bleeding on our way to Galveston, and my clothes were sprinkled with blood - believe it or not, but I rubbed it away with cold water, and as you can see it all disappeared! Luckily! 

How I'll miss the Texan sun when I leave in a couple of weeks! I am seriously considering coming back for summer break so I can hang out with my friends every single day... Not ready to leave yet!!!

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  1. Wat een superleuk topje! :))

  2. Wat ziet het er daar geweldig uit & je topje is echt leuk :)

  3. Je ziet er heel erg leuk uit en die ketting en top gaan prima samen hoor :) Ik vind die 5e foto zó mooi!

  4. Awesome topje! Wat balen dat je tijd in Amerika er alweer bijna opzit, ik kan me voorstellen dat je alles gaat missen...

  5. Dat shirtje is echt ge-wel-dig! En de foto's zijn zo gaaf: een mooie locatie en een mooi sfeertje.