April 25, 2014

sth 'bout me part 1

Can you tell that I took those two pictures up there myself? They're advanced selfies - taken with my good old Canon 1000D! (- don't do Canon. Go Nikon. I don't like Canon, ugh). 

Denim jackets are literally the best thing ever. So is this white cropped top that I got for like $3 in a sketchy store -it's my favorite piece I got! I am really a cropped top-girl, as everybody knows, and this white one is definitely my #1. And polkadots. Because... polkadots. They sort of explain themselves. Or else heroine Yayoi Kusama will. And flower crowns... I'd do more with my hair but I'm not really into hair (bc I suck at it) so I always wear it loose and sometimes I flat iron it but that's about it - I'm still waiting for it to grow longer.

These are some pictures I took of my sister/friend/collegue. I love her! I like to take pictures of her & edit them. Go visit her blog: www.stylebyveronique.com

Since this is my 'personal' style blog I figured that it is totally legalized to talk about myself a lot. Sorry if I bored you. Yes this was part 1 so there is more so sorry.

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