October 08, 2016


Dear followers, whoever's still there. 

My last update on here was somewhere around April, 2014, and this was the beginning of a blog break for over a year. In October last year, I started all over on a whole new weblog, called The Blog Editor (www.theblogeditor.com), and this is where I've blogged from then on. 

There are several reasons why I've quit blogging on www.rockslita.com and why I've later moved to www.theblogeditor.com. First of all, 2013 to 2014 were two of the craziest years of my life. In 2013/2014 I've been living in Texas, USA for 10 months for my high school year abroad. There it was quite hard to keep up with my blog, plus I was not allowed to speak my mind on certain topics that Americans typically like to avoid and was ordered to remove some content that dealt with these topics. This is why I mainly lost motivation to keep up with my blog, as I wanted it to be the way I liked it without other people interfering and there was no possible way to do that while I was there. When I came back, I had an incredible tough year as I completed the 5th and 6th year of the Dutch secondary education system in no longer than 9 months. But as soon as I graduated, I started missing blogging, and just having a place to post all the stuff on that I liked to share. I readily knew that I didn't want to return to Rockslita.com. Firstly, I started Rockslita.com at the age of 14, and by that time I had reached the age of legal adulthood. This blog was a large part of my teenagehood and I like it for what it is, and that is, something that should be left behind in my teenage years. The content on this blog didn't match the person who I'd become over the course of the blog break, and it would be unnatural to start again at the point where my blog break had begun, as if that break had never taken place. Secondly, Rockslita.com was mainly a fashion blog, and when I started TheBlogEditor.com I was one month into my first year of college, I had moved out so I couldn't share clothes with my mother and sister any longer (reducing the number of clothes that I could pick from every day considerably) and I had already found out that I didn't have the money to shop very often anymore, so I didn't see the fun in having a fashion blog any longer. Therefore, I would rather describe TheBlogEditor.com as a personal lifestyle blog, as it covers all kinds of things that I encounter in life, things that I do, like, love, and admire. All posts can be divided into ten categories: 
  • diary - personal events, activities, stories
  • style - fashion is still an important part of my new blog
  • photography - my interest in this hobby has greatly increased compared to 2 years ago
  • hotspots - places to eat lunch/dinner at that I loved
  • travel - about cities and countries that I visit, a topic that I wasn't able to write much about at Rockslita.com as my family didn't travel around very often nor did I had such a great interest in other cultures as I do now
  • culture - cultural stuff like musea, parties and other cultural events that I attended
  • inspiration - stuff, for example from other people, that have inspired me in some way
  • favorites - things like films, music and books that I like
  • food - I'm not that good at cooking, unfortunately, but sometimes I do have an awesome food recommendation, because I love food!
  • interior - everything about interior design

These categories cover everything that I'm interested in which is MORE than just fashion, so I felt that The Blog Editor fits me a lot better. Nevertheless, I'm still the same person as I was years ago when I blogged at www.rockslita.com, so some things will remain very similar. The only thing that has changed it that I grew up. 

If you liked Rockslita.com, I'll guarantee you that you'll like TheBlogEditor.com just as much, if not even more! :) Just make sure to follow The Blog Editor on Bloglovin' & to Like the Facebook page!
Thanks so much & hope to see you there!